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Strawberry and Chia Seeds

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Clear glycerin, with an amazing smell of strawberry thanks to the essential oil pure of the fruit, you will want a bite lol, also you will enjoy  a touch of exfoliate effects with the chia seeds.

Fresas y Semillas de Chia

La fresa es un excelente limpiador de la piel, mejora la complexión, y tonifica la piel, las semillas de chia contienen Vitamina E. La vitamina E es un poderoso antioxidante que combate la inflamación y las arrugas, ayudándonos a tener una piel suave. 

Strawberry and Chia Seeds

Strawberry is an excellent skin cleanser, improves the complexion, and tones the skin, chia seeds contain vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights inflammation and wrinkles, helping us to have a smooth skin.