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Jasmine and Chia Seeds

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Organic Soap with goat's milk glycerin, and jasmine essential oil. because you skin deserves be treated with the best and most moisturizing product, totally handmade and organic.

Beneficios Jazmin y Chia

El aceite esencial de Jazmín, se puede usar en todo tipo de piles, así como en las mas delicadas ya que ayuda a calmar las irritaciones. Además, de ser humectante, proporciona elasticidad a la piel. Se utiliza para mejorar el aspecto de las estrías

Benefits Jasmine and Chia

Jasmine essential oil can be used in all kinds of piles, as well as in the most delicate, it helps to soothe irritations. In addition, if it is moisturizing, it provides elasticity to the skin. It is used to improve the appearance of stretch marks