About us

I was born with a lot of allergies and my skin was one of my principal problems.

Any regular soap or cream worked for me for more than 15 days in regular use, because I always finished with a new rash or a new kind of injury.

One day I decided to take the problem into my own hands and stop wasting my money on a lot of products that didn’t work for me.

After a lot of tests and research, I discovered that every soap contained lye and actually needed lye to be made.

Most companies cannot control the quantity of lye in each product between every batch, so that is the reason that sometimes the first bar of soap was working for me and the second one wasn’t.

Only the glycerin base that is separated in the artisan soap process is actually natural enough and free of chemicals (lye between them) to make a soap.

From that moment I created a special handmade and natural soap that can not only keep my skin clean, but can also bring me a lot of extra benefits and nutrition's from the essentials oils that I combined with this.

Carolina Mendez- Alfonzo

Owner and Creator Artist of LFTS